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Appendix I
List of Internet Addresses:
Renewable Energy Information by Resource

Biomass: Wood
Municipal Solid Waste
Solar Thermal
Solar Photovoltaic
If you still cannot find it, try here.

Biomass: Wood

Standing woody biomass (TREEDYN3*);

Biofuels Information Network,
Biomass Fuel for Electric Power Generation

Chemical Nature of Biomass from Semi-Arid Forest Tree Species,
S5.01-02 Natural Variations in Wood Quality / P5.01-00 Properties and Utilization of Tropical Woods Theme:

PCSD Agriculture: Biomass PCSD BRIEFING BOOK


Biomass: Biofuels

The Complete Biofuels Internet List

Biofuels Program
Monitoring of biomass power systems.

Subject:Targets for biofuels.

Energy Information on Internet:
BIOFUELS INFORMATION NETWORK ECN Energie Informatie via Internet

Bioenergy Mailing list Archive for February 1996

Science Classroom
Teachers and students - Look under Activities, then under Science: Biofuels is a portion of Lessons in Science

Sustainable Energy Agricultural Energy Assistance Program, California

Alternative Fuel Information
Alternative Fuel Information Sources - Biodiesel & Other Bio-Oils American Biofuels Association, 1925 N. Lynn St., Suite 1050, Arlington, VA 22209

National Renewable Energy Laboratories- Biofuels Information Center;
The Biofuels Information Center, managed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory;

Municipal Solid Waste

Most waste produced by preindustrial societies is biodegradable. In industrial societies, much waste is nondegradable and toxic.

Municipal Solid Waste Factbook


Energy from Waste Energy from waste
Information on municipal waste management, minimisation, re-use, recycling, composting, energy recovery and final landfill disposal.

Revised Ash Strategy For Waste-to-energy Facilities

Waste Prevention Saves Energy
Waste Prevention Saves Energy


U.S. DOE/Government

Domestic geothermal organizations

International geothermal organizations

Direct uses of geothermal energy

Geothermal Theory: Introduction
How Geothermal Systems Form. Geothermal Occurances Today.

Geothermal Workshop
Summary: The New Zealand Geothermal Workshop is a three-day conference held annually in early November. The Workshop provides an international forum where engineers and earth scientists discuss aspects of geothermal development.

Geothermal Links
Internation Geothermal Association/ Napa Valley/ Geysers/ Geothermal Area Sites/ Geyser Resources/ Coso's Geothermal Field/ Water Resources of California/ Geothermal Resources Council/ World Geothermal Resources/ Maps.

Summary: Geothermal, solar, etc; indigenous production of geothermal, solar, wind, tide and wave energy and the use of these energy forms for electricity generation. The quantity of geothermal energy entering electricity generation is inferred from the electricity production at geothermal plants assuming an average thermal efficiency of 10 per cent.

Geothermal Theory: Geothermal Use Today
Summary: Geothermal power plants now provide more than 2500 megawatts of capability for clean electricity to the U.S., equivalent to three large nuclear power plants.

Geothermal Theory, Geothermal Reservoirs: Fractured Rock (2)
Summary: In most high-temperature reservoirs, much of the porosity and permeability exist in natural rockfractures, although they may be artificially induced. In other reservoirs, the space between sand grains in the rock provides ample porosity and permeability.


U. S. Wind Energy Industry 25th Annual Conference
03/27/95 Talking Points - Opening Session Monday, March 27, 1995 8:30 a.m..

Wind Energy Weekly
For subscriptions, contact: (Tom Gray) Purpose: Weekly newsletter.

American Wind Energy Association.
The 1996 AWEA Directory of Industry Members. This comprehensive, up-to-date reference includes contact and product information.

Solar Thermal

Implementation of Solar Thermal Technology edited by Ronal Larson and Ronald E. West

Index of solar-thermal.

Solar Thermal Case Studies
A solar thermal water heating system provides St. Rose Hospital in San Antonio, TX.

Future Solar Thermal concentrators
From scientists at the University of Chicago

Solar Thermal Case Studies
About a 10 megawatt solar thermal central receiver power plant.

EREN - Solar Thermal Utilization Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

Solar Energy
An immense amount of energy from the sun strikes the surface of the earth every day.

The National Solar Thermal Test Facility (NSTTF)
Operated by Sandia National Laboratories for the U.S. Department of Energy

National Solar Thermal Test Facility Questions
Frequently Asked by NSTTF Visitors About Solar Energy How do Central Receiver power plants produce electricity from sun's heat.

Solar Radiation and Solar Thermal Systems
54 Selected Papers on solar radiation and thermal systems.

Thermal Solar Water Heating in the PAC
by: Steve Paradine, Tal Schaeffer, Alek Seelemann, Gerald Van Decker Course:

Index (Solar Energy - Thermal) Publications Economic Status and Prospects of Solar Thermal

National Solar Thermal Test Facility Sandia National Laboratories
Advantages of Using Molten Salt A variety of fluids was tested to transport the sun’s heat, including water, air, ...

National Solar Thermal Test Facility Sandia National Laboratories Desirable features of power towers for utilities because of their practical energy storage

National Solar Thermal Test Facility Sandia National Laboratories Engine Test Facility Test Cell 1

The Sun’s Joules: Solar Thermal

Solar Photovoltaic

Centre for Photovoltaic Devices and Systems Home Page


Advancing Photovoltaic Technology at NREL's Outdoor Test Facility

Photovoltaic(PV) Module Businesses in the World
by Name, by Source, by Renewable Energy Businesses, by Product Type (Solar Related)

If you still cannot find it, try these general search tools:

Provided by NREL: DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Index of Publications
Provided by Gridwise: A comprehensive directory of power generation, transmission, distribution, and end-use.

Provided by SDGE (San Diego Gas and Electric, California)

Provided by GPU (Pennsylvania)

Provided by: My name is B.J. (Bruce, Jr.) but my friends call me Beege. I am 10 years old and ,,,

Renewable Energy Annual 1996
April 1997
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Front Matter>
1. Renewable Data Overview>
2. Biomass Profile: Wood and Ethanol>
3. Municipal Solid Waste Profile>
4. Geothermal Energy Profile>
5. Wind Energy Profile>
6. Solar Industry Profile>
7. The Role of Electric Utilities in the Photovoltaics Industry>
8. Public Policy Affecting the Waste-to-Energy Industry>
9. Flow Control and the Interstate Movement of Waste: Post-Carbone>
10. Growth of the Landfill Gas Industry>
11. Management of Known Geothermal Resource Areas>
12. International Renewable Energy>
Appendix A. EIA Renewable Energy Data Sources>
Appendix B. Renewable Data Limitations>
Appendix C. Geothermal Energy and Geysers>
Appendix D. Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Energy>
Appendix E. Examples of Contract Arrangements at The Geysers>
Appendix F. Additional Solar and Photovoltaic Tables>
Appendix G. Moody’s Bond Ratings>
Appendix H. LFG: Commercial Energy Recovery Case Studies>
Appendix I. List of Internet Addresses: Renewable Energy Information by Resource>
Appendix J. State Agencies That Provide Energy Information>

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