This report presents information on renewable energy consumption, capacity, and electricity generation data, as well as data on U.S. solar thermal and photovoltaic collector manufacturing activities. The renewable energy resources included in the report are: biomass (wood, ethanol, and biodiesel); municipal solid waste; geothermal; wind; and solar (solar thermal and photovoltaic).

The first chapter of the report provides an overview of renewable energy use and capability from 1992 through 1996. It contains renewable energy consumption, capacity, and electricity generation data, as well as descriptive text. Chapter 2 presents current (through 1996) information on the United States solar energy industry. This information was collected on the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) Forms EIA-63 A and B, “Annual Survey of Solar Collector Manufacturers,” and “Annual Survey of Photovoltaic Cell/Module Manufacturers,” covering the 1996 calendar year.

Appendix A describes EIA surveys that include information on renewable energy sources. Appendix B discusses renewable energy data and its limitations. Appendix C provides non-EIA information on direct-use geothermal applications. Appendix D provides a list of Internet addresses for web sites that include renewable energy information. Appendix E lists State agencies that provide energy information, including information on renewable energy. A glossary of renewable energy terms is also included.

Renewable Energy Annual 1997, Volume I
October 1997
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Front Matter and Contents
1. Renewable Data Overview
2. Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Collector Manufacturing Activities
Appendix A. EIA Renewable Energy Data Sources
Appendix B. Renewable Data Limitations
Appendix C. Inventory of Known Direct-Use Geothermal Facilities
Appendix D. List of Internet Addresses: Renewable Energy Information by Resource
Appendix E. State Agencies That Provide Energy Information

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