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  • Is the material of the parts compatible with the proposed process/chemistry?

  • Will the cleaning be batch or continuous?

  • Will the process be automated?

  • What are the financial limitations on new equipment purchases?

  • Is the new process labor intensive relative to the old process?

  • Will the cleaning process affect the upstream or downstream processes? (For example will a change in lubricants be needed to be compatible with the new cleanser; will the time required in the drier be compatible with current throughput rate?)

  • Will the cleaning process harm the surface of the part?

  • Will additional surface preparation be needed after cleaning?

  • Is an acceptable and sufficient quantity of the new chemical or equipment available at reasonable cost?

  • Can current equipment be used as is (drop-in substitution)?

  • Can existing equipment be retrofit for the proposed method?

  • Is retrofit more economical than equipment replacement?

  • Is the material of your existing equipment compatible with your new chemistry/process? (For example, will there be corrosion, embrittlement, chemical reaction, heat transfer difficulties, or pressure containment?)

  • Will scale buildup be a problem?

  • Is sufficient containment available (shielding for spraying, edges to prevent drips)?

  • Is humidity control adequate?

  • Are pumps adequate?

  • Are closed-loop recycle and reuse practical within the process?

  • Will the wastewater include biocides, foaming agents, or metals?

  • Will contracts need to be changed to reflect new cleaning method?

  • Will the product meet quality specifications including applicable MIL specifications?

  • Will customer require proof that specifications are met and, if so, what kind?

  • Is resistance to the changes likely?

  • What type of training should be set up?

  • Are incentive programs or monitoring programs appropriate for your facility?

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