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Conversion Checklist - Facilities

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  • Are existing chemical handling facilities/practices applicable?

  • Are existing handling facilities/practices adequate?

  • Are existing handling facilities/practices excessive or can they be simplified?

  • Have closed-loop recycle and reuse within the plant been investigated?

  • Is there sufficient space for any necessary new equipment or to retrofit old equipment?

  • Is there enough space to hold parts to dry if a longer time is required?

  • Is the material of your existing equipment compatible with your new chemistry/process?

  • Do recycling facilities need to be added?

  • Is humidity control adequate?

  • Are pumps adequate?

  • Will scale build-up be a problem?

  • Will additional electricity be required?

  • Will additional vents or drains be required.

  • Will more water be needed?

  • Is additional water available from other processes in the plant or will total plant intake need to be increased?

  • Is additional water available to your plant (will depend on geographic region)?

  • Is existing plumbing is adequate?

  • Is the water supply clean enough and, if not, are facilities available to clean the water (distill, deionize, filter)?

  • Will the volume of wastewater generated onsite change?

  • Will this be a problem for your onsite water treatment, if applicable?

  • Will the contents or temperature of your onsite wastewater change?

  • Will your on-site system accommodate any changes?

  • Will the volume of wastewater discharged to the sewer change?

  • Will the contents or temperature of the water stream discharged to the sewer change?

  • Do you need to adjust the pH of your wastewater stream?

  • Is available air clean/dry enough for drying or other processes and, if not, what pretreatment (dehumidification, filtration, etc.) will be needed?

  • Is needed air pretreatment currently available?

  • Will the volume, content, temperature, or location of air emissions change?

  • Will the emissions require a change in stack or local air cleaners?

  • Will the volume or contents of solid waste change?

  • Will the waste be classified as hazardous?

  • Will hazardous waste treatment/disposal be needed onsite or offsite?

  • Will you need hazardous waste treatment/disposal?

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