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Solvent Alternatives Guide
Process Advisor Information Input Form
Your answers to the following questions will assist in determining those solvent/process alternatives most likely to work for your particular circumstances.

The "More Info..." symbol: More Info... will provide additional explanations for particular questions. Select the response that most closely matches the particular part(s) that you are dealing with.
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Report Header Information More Info...
Your Name
Part/Process Name
State of Residence

Physical Properties More Info...
Select from each column
(Hold down the control key while using the mouse to select multiple items)
Metallic Materials
Nonmetallic Materials

If the part is metallic, is it sintered or made from powdered metal:
Yes No NA More Info...

Does the part have any polished, lapped, or ground surfaces that must be protected:
Yes No More Info...

Is the part an assembly or a single piece part:
Assembly Single piece part More Info...

Size/Shape Characteristics More Info...
Is the part volume:
less than 1 ft3 between 1 and 9 ft3 more than 9 ft3

Is the longest rigid length of the part:
less than 1 ft between 1 and 5 ft more than 5 ft

Does the part have a complex shape:
Yes No

Does the part have blind holes:
Yes No

Coatings More Info...
Does the part have any type of coating:
Yes No

Do you want to remove the coating:
Yes No NA

Is the coating:
A plating A paint or powder coat A thin film deposition
A phosphate prep Some other coating Not applicable

Cleanliness Requirements
Please select the type of contaminant or soil you are removing:
(Hold down the control key while using the mouse to select multiple items)

Is your part subject to cleanliness inspection per a national, internal, or customer specification:
Yes No

Is your part inspected per MIL-STD-1246C:
Yes No More Info...

Will your part be used in a Class 100 or better clean room:
Yes No

What is the next process step your product will see:

Does the part need to be dry after this cleaning step:
Yes No

Miscellaneous Process Information
What kind of cleaning equipment are you currently using:
Vapor degreaser
Ultrasonic vapor degreaser, with spray and/or heaters
Cold immersion tank
Hot immersion tank
Power washing machine
Some other type of equipment

What type of chemicals are you currently using:
(Select only one)

Do you currently have DI (deionized) or tap water available:
DI water Tap water Neither

How many parts per hour do you need to clean:
More than 100 Between 10 and 100
Less than 10 per hour Production rate varies widely

Is the part a high dollar value part:
Yes No

Will ultrasonic vibrations hurt your part:
Yes No Don't know

Can your part withstand high atmospheric pressure:
Yes No

Can your part withstand high pressure sprays:
Yes No Don't know

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