This website is a partnership of the National Recycling Coalition and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


National Recycling Economic Information Project

The National Recycling Coalition has completed a groundbreaking study of the nation's recycling and reuse industry. This website provides the information and tools you will need to understand the importance of the recycling and reuse industry to our economy, and will assist you in applying this information to promote recycling efforts in your area.

To learn more about the study, including its key findings and how to apply the findings to promote recycling your area, use the links below.

Summary of Study Highlights. A quick overview of the study's key findings.

About the REI Study. Describes the REI project, including its overall goals and methodology.

Study Results. Summarizes the key findings of the REI study with supporting tables and charts.

Outreach Tool Kit. A variety of resources to assist states and other organizations with outreach related to the REI results.

Communications Strategies. Short-term and long-term strategies to publicize the study results.

Participating Organizations. Learn which agencies participated in the study.

State REI Efforts. Link to snapshots on EPA's website of states' efforts to use the REI methodology to determine recycling's economic impact and conduct state and regional outreach.

Contact List. A list of REI contacts at state agencies, multi-state organizations, and EPA headquarters and regional offices.