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Purpose of the Sourcebook

The Sustainable Building Sourcebook was developed to complement the efforts of the Green Builder Program to foster the implementation of environmentally responsible practices in homebuilding.

The Green Builder Program presents specific and general recommendations for homes that can be considered environmentally friendly. Many of the recommendations may also be relevant to some types of commercial development. The Sourcebook provides the practical information needed to better understand and implement these options.

The Sourcebook contains information relevant to Austin, such as regulatory issues, installation guidelines, and sources of assistance. The information is designed to educate and inform readers regarding pertinent aspects and general guidelines in implementing less-familiar approaches to building homes. The Sourcebook is directed to those with knowledge of the building trades and building terminology, but contains useful information for interested and motivated lay persons.

Many of the topics discussed in the Sourcebook can and have filled books on their own. The following information is presented as briefly and succinctly as practical with the hope that it helps the reader choose appropriate building options. The Sourcebook does not present specific building details as found in a construction manual. It does offer general building guidelines that reflect Austin's conditions and a cross-section of the current regulatory, market, and commercial profile of different building approaches.

The City of Austin's Environmental and Conservation Services Department welcomes feedback from users of the Sourcebook. The Sourcebook is designed to be readily updated as new information develops. Each registered user of the Sourcebook will receive updates which will reflect experiences and knowledge of Sourcebook users. In that vein, the Sourcebook can serve everyone as an important networking tool with the goal of implementing safe, durable, livable, environmentally-responsible dwellings for the citizens of Austin.

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