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King County Procurement Bulletin #38:
Vashon Transfer/Recycling Station


In June of this year, the Vashon Island Landfill (King County, Washington) reached capacity and the King County Solid Waste Division terminated operations. To meet the needs of the island residents, the Division built and opened a new Vashon Transfer/Recycling Station, completed in the Spring of this year, to accept solid waste and recyclables for transfer off the island. Sustainability was a primary focus during the design of this solid waste and recycling facility. A subcontractor was hired to review project specifications from a sustainability perspective and develop recommendations and new specification language in selected material categories.

Vashon Transfer/Recycling Station

The project was a success on many fronts. It included: an ongoing community involvement process; solicited operating employees' input in the design; incorporated artwork and recycled materials as integral building elements; and partnered with other County community service agencies on landscaping. The facility was also completed on time and under budget.

Sustainable features:

Recycled content materials used:

Sustainable products:

Water quality:

Community involvement:

Main players:

Special thanks to John Komorita, Senior Engineer, King County Solid Waste Division for making his project such a great success and for sharing it with us.

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News Release: Vashon Transfer/Recycling Station Opens

Sustainable Materials Specification Review (April, 1998) - [Adobe Acrobat PDF]

Paladino Consulting

Environmental Purchasing Program

The King County Environmental Purchasing Program assists County agencies in implementation of King County Executive Policy CON-7-1-2, which requires agencies to use recycled and other environmentally preferable products wherever practicable.

The program assembles information about these products and makes it available to specific agency users who can evaluate them and develop applications in County projects.

These procurement bulletins contain information about the results of product evaluations and other accomplishments of County agencies. We hope this information will help you find ways to use recycled materials in the work of your agency and that you will contact us if we can help you with further information or if you have suggestions.

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Published: August 10, 1999

Updated: August 12, 1999

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