API            American Petroleum Institute
ASME           American Society of Mechanical Engineers
CEC            California Energy Commission
CEMS           continuous emission monitoring system
CFR            Code of Federal Regulations
CRSI           California Recovery Systems Inc.
DOE            U.S. Department of Energy
EPA            U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
EPRI           Electric Power Research Institute
NREL           National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NSPS           New Source Performance Standards
NSWMA          National Solid Waste Management Association
NTIS           National Technical Information Service
OTA            U.S. Office of Technology Assessment
SETAC          Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry


AOX            adsorbable organic halogen
BACT           Best Available Control Technology
BDT            Best Demonstrate Technology
BOF            Basic oxygen furnace
Btu            British thermal unit
COD            chemical oxygen demand
C              degrees Celsius
h              hour
HDPE           high density polyethylene
kWh            kilowatt-hour
l              liter
lb             pound
lb/t           pounds per ton

LHV            lower heating value
ug             micrograms
mg             milligrams
mg/dscm        milligrams per dry standard cubic meter
MRF            materials recovery facility
MSW            municipal solid waste
MW             megawatt
MWC            municipal waste combustor
MWe            megawatts electricity
NA             not available
ND             not detected
ng             nanogram
ng/dsCm        nanograms per dry standard cubic meter
NMOC           nonmethane organic compounds
O&M            operation and maintenance
PCB            polychlorinated biphenyl
PCDD           polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin
PCDF           polychlorinated dibenzo-furan
PET            polyethylene terephthalate
PM             particulate matter
ppb            parts per billion
ppm            parts per million
ppmv           parts per million by volume
RDF            refuse-derived fuel
SEBAC          sequenced batch anaerobic composting
SNG            substitute natural gas
t              tons
t/d            tons per day
TCLP           Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure
TOC            Total organic carbon
VOCs           volatile organic compounds

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                        CONVERSION FACTORS

To convert:              To get:            Multiply by:

Tons(short tons)          Tonne=megagram              0.90718
Million Btu/ton              kJ/tonne             1.162 x 10(6)
Btu/lb                        kJ/kg                   2.325
kWh/ton                     kWh/tonne                 1.102
Btu/kWh                       kJ/kWh                  1.054
lb/ton                     Grams/tonne                0.500
Cubic yards/ton         Cubic meters/tonne            0.8428
Degrees F                    DegreesC       approximately 5/9 (F-32)
Pounds/cubic feet         ng/cubic meter         1.602 x 10(13)
Acres                        Hectares                 0.4047
Gallons                       Liters                  3.785
Gallons water            Kilograms water              3.782
Pounds/cubic yard     Kilograms/cubic meter           0.5933
psi                            kPa                    6.895
Cubic feet/lb             Cubic meter/kg              0.06243
Tons/acre                 Tonne/hectare               2.243
Million Btu/ton-mile   Million kJ/tonne km            0.722
$/ton                        $/tonne                  0.9072
Pounds                      Kilograrns                0.4536
Feet                          Meters                  0.3048

Notes:SCF is measured at 0C and 1 atm.
SCM is variously defined in the literature, but it is often measured at 25C.

Source: Weast, 1970
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