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The Manufacture of Carbon Black from Oils Derived from Scrap Tires

EPA Contract Number:68D98117 
Title:The Manufacture of Carbon Black from Oils Derived from Scrap Tires 
Investigator:Dr. Marek Wojtowicz 
Small Business:
Advanced Fuel Research, Inc. 
87 Church Street
East Hartford, CT 06108
Telephone Number: (860) 528-9806
EPA Contact:SBIR Program Manager
Phase: I
Project Period:6 months 
Project Amount:$70,000 
Research Category:Hazardous/Solid Waste 


This SBIR Phase I project addresses the question of reprocessing oils derived from waste-tire pyrolysis into carbon black, which is a valuable feedstock for the tire manufacturing industry. Such a process would form a recycling loop for carbon black recovered from the waste tires. Landfilling of 280 million tires generated each year in the United States is becoming an increasingly unacceptable solution. Tire pyrolysis plants have been in operation for years, but the economics of their operation are poor. This is mainly due to the low value of the end products, which are usually fuels (oil, pyrolysis gas, char). Reprocessing of waste tires into value-added products would certainly improve the economic leverage. The overall objective of the proposed project is to develop a process for producing carbon black from scrap-tire pyrolysis oil. The product must meet the quality standards used in the tire manufacturing industry to allow the reuse of the recovered material. The objective of the Phase I project is to demonstrate the feasibility of making carbon black of acceptable quality. This objective will be accomplished in the following tasks: (1) preparation of tire-pyrolysis oils, (2) synthesis of carbon black, and (3) product analysis and process assessment.

Supplemental Keywords: small business, SBIR, hazardous/solid waste, recycling, engineering, chemistry, EPA

Last Updated: May 23, 1999
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