1994 Pollution Prevention Report - Conclusion

Introduction to Prevention, Information Clearinghouse, Information Transfer, University Outreach, and Technical Assistance

X. Conclusion

The Department has made significant progress in its pollution prevention efforts from 1993-1994. Building on activities that were initiated before the creation of the Department of Environmental Quality in 1993, and with Virginia pollution prevention legislation as a guide, the Office of Pollution Prevention continues to encourage pollution prevention activities within the Commonwealth.

Response to the program, its staff and its services has been overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by survey responses and other feedback. Businesses, particularly manufacturers who are subject to an increasing number of costly environmental regulations, appreciate the dual goals of pollution prevention: promoting environmental quality and economic growth.

In the coming year, the Department will continue to work cooperatively with other organizations throughout Virginia to maximize the amount of information and other resources available to industry, government and citizens relating to pollution prevention. The Department expects to make significant progress in increasing the consideration of pollution prevention as a means of achieving regulatory goals and identifying appropriate functions where voluntary pollution prevention can best be exploited. Finally, OPP plans to continue and in some instances expand its various outreach efforts, including the development of information products, training and on- site technical assistance.

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