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Worms in the Classroom

Since 1992, over 7,000 New Hampshire students have had the opportunity to learn about science, math, language, reducing, recycling, and an endless list of other subjects with the assistance of one quarter of a million red wiggler worms!

Introducing Vermicomposting

Wilma, the Composting WormVemicomposting uses worms to "recycle" food waste indoors to produce a high quality "soil". This indoor, no-maintenance and odor-free method of composting has led to numerous opportunities for discussion and general fun. Because of children's general fascination with worms, Vermicomposting can be an easy, inexpensive, and realistic way for children to become involved with the issues of solid waste management.

Worms In the Classroom Activity Ideas

Left overs from kid's lunches becomes dinner for the worms, teaching students that "waste" can be a resource and even the lowest of creatures (the worm) can make a difference. Available for free from the NH Governor's Recycling Program is a "how to" guide on worm composting, as well as Worms In the Classroom Activity Ideas, a 31 page booklet with activity sheets and classroom ideas that apply to:

To receive information on incorporating vermicomposting into the classroom, contact the NH Governor's Recycling Program, 2 1/2 Beacon Street, Concord, NH 03301-4497, or call (603) 271-1098.

Worm Composting Resources

To borrow any of the following publications, please complete the Order Form and return it to the NH Governor's Recycling Program, 2 1/2 Beacon Street, Concord, NH 03301-4497. If you are unable to print the file, please call us at (603) 271-1098 and we will send you the form in the mail.


  1. Earthworms, Dirt, and Rotten Leaves
    Grade: 9-12
    Length: 84 Pages
    Source: Molly McLaughlin
    Description: Displays the importance of earthworms in our environment.

  2. Earthworms: Nature's Recyclers
    Grade: K-6
    Length: 16 Pages
    Source: Joanne Breckenridge
    Description: Provides a general introduction into earthworms and worm farms.

  3. Worms Eat My Garbage
    Grade: K-12
    Length: 82 Pages
    Source: Mary Applehoff
    Description: Provides a comprehensive description of how to set up a vermicomposting system.

  4. Wormology
    Grade: 1-6
    Length: 48 Pages
    Source: Michael Elshon Rose
    Description: Introduces the world of worms in a fun and innovative way.


  1. Worms Eat Our Garbage
    Grade: 2-8
    Length: 196 Pages
    Source: Mary Applehoff
    Description: Provides specific classroom activities related to worm composting.

  2. Worms in the Classroom Activity Ideas
    Grade: K-12
    Length: 32 Pages
    Source: NH Governor's Recycling Program
    Description: Provides activities for elementary and junior high students on worm composting.

Video Tapes

  1. Vermicomposting
    Grade: 9-12
    Length: 25 Minutes
    Source: Arbour Recycled Products
    Description: Demonstrates setting up, feeding, maintaining, and harvesting your worm bin for food waste composting.

  2. Wormania!
    Grade: 4-6
    Length: 26 Minutes
    Source: Mary Applehoff
    Description: Explains how worms can help the environment and a step by step "how to" for a food waste worm composting bin.

  3. Worm Bin Creatures: Alive Through A Microscope
    Grade: 4-6
    Length: 31 Minutes
    Source: Mary Applehoff
    Description: Introduces the tiny organisms that are often seen but rarely identified in a worm bin!

Wilma the Composting Worm Graphic Reprinted with Permission from the Cornell Cooperative Extension