Pollution Prevention Case Study

Gehl Company

Using Plastic Media Blasting to
Strip Paint from Parts

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer/3523
Process Paint Stripping
Type of Waste Sodium hydroxide contaminated with stripped paint
Strategies Process Modification - Plastic Media Blasting
Material Substitution - Plastic Media
Background Gehl Company is a manufacturer of trailed agricultural implements headquartered in West Bend, Wisconsin. Gehl strips paint from parts rejected by quality control before remanufacturing them. The parts were soaked in a 300 gallon hot sodium hydroxide bath to strip the paint. The paint stripping was a batch process that operated about 30% of the time.
Motivation This paint stripping method generated up to 19,000 pounds per year of sodium hydroxide contaminated with paint. The waste was classified as hazardous due to a high pH and disposal costs were about $36,000 annually.
Changes Implemented Gehl replaced its troublesome sodium hydroxide paint stripping bath with a plastic media blasting cabinet. Plastic media blasting systems fire small plastic particles at a surface. The abrasive action of the particles striking the surface strips the paint without damaging the surface texture.
Problems Encountered A non-hazardous solid waste is now generated. This waste is currently disposed of in a landfill. At this time no potential reuse for the paint waste has been identified.
Material/Energy Balance Original Process

Sodium hydroxide

Paint-contaminated sodium hydroxide
19,000 lbs/yr (1989)

Managed by third party at a cost of $36,000/yr

Pollution Prevention Approach

Plastic blast media
4000 lbs/yr used at $2.00/lb (1991)

Paint chips and spent blast media


Economics Capital Cost
$8000 for the plastic media blasting unit.

Operating/Maintenance Cost
Not available

Payback Period
3 month payback based on an estimated annual waste disposal savings of $32,000.

Company Address Gehl Company
143 Water Street
West Bend, WI 53095-0179
Contact Person Larry Lang
Phone: 414/334-6608
Additional Publications Available From Pollution Prevention Clearinghouse Reduction of Total Toxic Organic Discharges and VOC Emissions from Paint Stripping Operations Using Plastic Media Blasting
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